108. Spiritual Warriors  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Revolution in Spiritual Evolution
Solutions brewing via Involution
Individual calling by provocation
Question All Laws and Traditions
Ancestors, Cultures and Systems
Breaking chains and all Divisions!

The challenging conflictual paradox
In motion, is not external oppression
Hidden battlefields of the ego within
Recognize darkness with Lightening,
Curiously contemplate and reawaken
Convictions pour anew via decoding

Tearful tranquility, Silent breathing
Our Power, Not Spiritual apoptosis
The Power of Conscious Evolution
Via Heavenly Healing of Meditation
Divine Solutions to all Complications
Not weapons of mass destruction!

Our Heart in glee, expanding beyond
Chained rib-cages, painful oppression
Don’t look back for fictitious salvation
Reincarnate deep Spiritual realizations
Your metamorphosis, full progression
Awakening to Hidden Truth, Liberation!

Dive within your Breathe for Translation
Enlightenment, Heaven, Paradise gardens
Resides not far from every Heart beating
They flow out withIN yOur Celestial Being
Be! The East and West, Female and Male
Arise anew O' fearlessly Spiritual Warriors!

-Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

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