Positive Lifestyle Changes  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

The quality of food we consume is unarguably more important than the quality of material accessories. Being Conscious of everything our bodies consumes is our responsibility. Inter-meal junk food eventually turns into culprits responsible for several long-term diseases. Despite the hereditary effects, most lifestyle diseases can be controlled by Positive Lifestyle changes in our habits.

So what are these Positive Lifestyle Changes? Here are a few simple habits that can significantly improve the quality of your Life-

1. Hot Beverages- If you are drinking tea or coffee absolutely without any refined sugar absolutely, bravo! For those who drink them sweeter than honey, a suggestion to help you get over the addiction is to reduce the quantity of sugar in 'trace' amounts every day. This way your taste buds won't reject this new habit. Also, introduce yourself to green tea which has many benefits.

2. Chores- Try to do them yourself (unless you’ve been advised to avoid them for health reasons) as much as possible. In the midst of completing your chores (laundry, cooking, etc)you also burn a few calories.

3. Your Environment- Keep it clean. It’s a psychological effect to feel unkempt mentally when one's surroundings are untidy.  If finding time for a solid makeover of your home is challenging, organize the task stepwise. For example- clean your wardrobe shelf-wise.

4. Home Grown Veggies- You don't have to turn into a farmer to grow your own food. Begin with learning to grow bean sprouts today! Throw in a handful of either cow pea or bean seeds into a glass jar covered with fine muslin. Water the seeds daily, filling the jar with tap water, drain the excess and leave the seeds hydrated. Place the jar in a dark, aerated and warm place. Continue these steps daily. After four to five days the seeds will begin to sprout. You can cook a delicious curry and serve with brown bread or rice.

5. Fried Food- Choose baked, steamed, par-boiled food over fried dishes, fast food and junk food as often as possible.

6. Meal Size- Reduce your meal size quantitatively from breakfast to dinner. This way you go to bed with a light stomach. Incorporate healthy snacks in between the three main meals to activate your metabolism.

7. Smoking- If you are already a social or chain smoker, cut down the quantity gradually as mentioned in habit 1. In this case, if you smoke five cigarettes a day, aim to reduce it to 4.75 through a period of one week and continue the process every new week.

8. Posture- Whether you sit or stand you owe the responsibility of a healthy posture to your spine. Be conscious of your posture always- whether you are studying, working, meditating, praying, etc.

9. Complaining- As much as it may seem reasonable to complaint at times, complaining is often an energy draining addiction and contributes to stress and depression for both, the one complaining and the recipients listening out of addiction or obligation. So let it go.

10.  Physical activity- Increase activity gradually. It doesn't have to be strenuous sports or exercises if you are a beginner. For starters, take a brisk 30 minute walk 4-5 times per week. This is recommended for Arterial occluded patients, so it’s undoubtedly harmless to healthy beginners. You can alternate this habit with habits 2 and 3. If you have been advised not to exert yourself physical please seek advice form your physician.

The Power of Inter-Dependence  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Quite often, many of us reach out to help our loved ones when they are not yet ready and sometimes not interested to be ‘saved’ by us.  Based on our personal experiences, we assume that we know what is best for them and do not easily give up trying to assist them through their individual challenges.  Are we genuinely intending what is best for them or in reality, are we insidiously controlling them using the labels of love, responsibility and care to camouflage the truth? What about their innate freedom to decide what, when, who, why and where? If we honestly empathize with them, we too would not like to be controlled and over-protected in the name of love, responsibility and care. Sometimes, the most adventurous walk is the walk in another’s shoes to understand their reality.

One way to love and support those we care about, be it our parents, spouse or partner, children, friends and relatives is to honestly let go of trying to control them with our personal perspectives of how they should live. Indeed we can offer our opinions and suggestions with respect and kindness; but our role stops right there.  Attempts of over-convincing another is often unhealthy and leads to wounding relationships. Beyond the point of expressing our views, it is indeed left up to the recipient's choice, whether or not they wish to consider our opinions. If we love someone enough to want to support them unconditionally any time they need us, then shouldn’t we also be willing to respect them enough to know when to pause? When to give them the time and space to breathe, contemplate, forgive, accept, grow and evolve naturally in directions they choose? Is it not their right?

 Inter-dependence is significantly more fruitful than independence and dependence. Consider our physical bodies as an example. When all our organ systems are healthy, they function as an organized team enabling the whole individual to thrive and prosper through various challenges. The same principle is seen in nature as well, where various systems as the water cycle, seasons, emigration and immigration of various species- all work in inter-dependent harmony to ensure an inter-connected peaceful balance. Likewise at an inter-personal social and community level, when we understand and practice inter-dependence, we open myriad pathways to synergism, which according to the Oxford dictionary is “the cooperation of two or more things to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

Our Power resides not in controlling each other, rather in allowing each other to be through our innate individual freedom.  “Live and Let Live” can only be experienced on a daily basis when we respect each other. To respect each other, we should genuinely let go of the unhealthy habit of trying to control one other. Since, in reality nobody owns anyone and each of us are here with equal rights and equal power of free will.

May we live and let live; Love and let love; Breathe and let breathe.

Discovering Your Passion  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik


I spent several years interviewing and studying individuals from over thirty countries regarding contentment, inner peace and happiness. They varied from illiterate tribes, patients from different walks of life, intellectual professors to diverse families and friends. Regardless which category they represented, the most content were those living with a sense of purpose driven by their passions. So what exactly does passion mean?

Our passion is that which makes us come alive. Our Heart’s calling which makes us awaken everyday with enthusiasm making Life worth living. It can be anything you love doing and doesn’t necessarily have to be the most popular or noble career in town. Your passion can be music, healing, gardening, embroidery, architecture, photography, poetry, business, art or cookery. Any passion can be transformed into a career when taken seriously enough.  Become the Beethoven, Leonardo or Picasso of whatever you love and enjoy doing.

The Sufi Poet Rumi said- “Everyone has been made for a purpose and that purpose has been instilled in their Heart.” So what is instilled in your Heart?  

You are probably wondering how you could discover your passion. Here are a few possibilities-

1. Via an epiphany- One Life changing experience may create a sudden and intense awareness of your passion. This may occur on a regular day while reading a book, watching a movie, on your way to school or work. It is an instant wake up call inviting you to realize what you are here to do. 

2. Via change- This may either be minor or major Life changing events . Eg- Accepting or losing a job, the beginning or end of relationships, relocating your geography, illness or recovery, birth or death of a family member , etc. These events enable you to discover sides of yourself that you didn’t know existed.

  3. Via Intuition- Our passions are a product of our intuition, our Inner guide. Some individuals are more aligned with their intuition at an early age and hence realize their passions sooner. Indeed this is significantly influenced by our environments. For eg- If a child was born to a family of artists or musicians, he or she is more likely to be inspired to unravel their creativity at an early age. On the other hand, if the child is more logical by nature they would be steered to explore more left-brain fields despite the environment pressures. This also applied vice versa, where one maybe born to a more logical environment while in reality their passions are towards creative expressions. 

4. Via Experience- Most of us discover our passions gradually via experience on a day to day basis as we get glimpses guided by our intuition. These would be moments when we come alive as we encounter our passion. 

 "Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” ~ Einstein

We can only manifest our passions into greatness after we take the responsibility to respect our dreams without the fear of failure or opposition

121. The Return  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Intellectual velocities, every unique momentum
accelerating faster than all previous generations
Can experiences really be limited to definitions?
Every ancestral story understood and recorded
millenniums, centuries, myriad decades expiring.
Embrace the evolution of our species O’ Siblings
within every realm Here, Now’s the celebration!

Independent of modern progressive refinement
our carnal individual Human needs and Instincts
digestion, procreation, pleasure and protection
orchestrating with the Universal Animal Kingdom
the Matrix- we breathe, connect and function
has always been the Stream of Consciousness
began All Life Force unknown yesteryear ago
ushering you and I gently Here, this moment.

Let go resisting our unprotected vulnerability
we arrived purely naked, whole and Innocent
trained to conceal our Core into many layers
tangible and intangible guilt, lies, many fears
wrapped our souls into hypnotized mummies
do you honestly recognize what you see within
mirrors reflecting through every dawn's Being.

Arise to consciously dissect yourself gently
penetrating all layers of numb sleepwalking
dissolving opaque cataract hallucinations
Awakening the fearful infant residing within
senile bewildered children asleep in millions
born alive and surviving, not yet Conscious!

We were already scanned by synthetic rays
before we experienced Mother Earth’s rains
process began in amniotic fetal programming
into lower suppressive realms and dimensions
to be enslaved into unfulfillable brainwashing
indeed by countless senile infants in survival.

It doesn’t matter how afraid we were yesterday
what counts is, how far would you unravel today
to uncover the lies by the global collective ego?
Hear, hypnotic spells can be potentially broken
by our One Breathing collective Consciousness
O' sons and daughters of Divinity awakening
let us come together as One sans every division.

Dr. Dheena Sadik

120. Halo  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

They either get us or they don’t
Very rarely in between a grey halo
If they try to change you
Smile, forgive and let go
I swear to never try to change you
Just Be You and nothing less
Are you with me?

Always wrong to the status quo
Awesome to the eccentric glow
We merely see our own reflection
In every breathe
In every heart beat

When will these blame games grow?
Tired and retiring from 'em already
So predictably going around in circles
Energy sucking hypnotized vampires

Either accept Beings whole or let them go
Walk out of all dramas Here and Now

My Life, my ride, my say, my rap
Every imbalance has its limits
didn’t you know?
We didn’t arrive Here to live in fear
Neither predictable judgments
nor guilty crocodile tears.

God works THROUGH Us
Serve our race by your own calling
Heal through your own passions
Rise through your own dreams
Prosper in abundance
Break Free!

They either get us or they don’t
Very rarely in between a grey halo
If they try to change you
Smile, forgive and let go
I swear to never try to change you
Just Be You and nothing less

Are you still with me?

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

119. The Rendezvous  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

We will meet again
at that playground
outside many fences,
boundaries and chains,
labels and definitions sans
limitations of Time and Space.

I promise you here
we will smile amazed,
what our egos perceived
as differences, are merely
myriad adjacent branches
of One Evolving Constellation.

Listen Here and Now
Our Uni-Verse sings
warmed by One Sun
nourished by One Root
Caressed by One Ocean
through One Mother Earth.

You, me, them, We.
No more differences
One Loving Source's
sons and daughters
One Melodious Divinity
in carefree Meditation.

Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

118. The Wait  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

On gentle tip toes
My fingers flow
Warm pure clouds
O' newborn Dawn

You leave me spinning
Whimsical ballerina, I
Floating free of gravity
Divine Cosmic Trance

You sprinkle softly
O' Silver Moonlight
At dusk, I await here
Eager gratitude near

Heart felt ecstasy
humbled by Divinity
Bowing to the Wait
Feeling my Breathe

Silent secrecy
Uniting as One
Universal womb
O' Beloved Wait!

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

117. The Answer  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

I kept searching for years
lonely, weary, exhausted;
All the energy depleted
yonder, through and over.

Until I finally arrived
amidst a thick jungle,
at the peak of another
long yearned mountain.

I gazed at the Horizon's
inexplicable canopies
I saw the Glory, the Beauty
until soft tears clouded me.

I slept and wept long
didn’t resist weakness,
until I stabilized slowly
Awakened Here gently.

I softly opened my eyes
on the same mountain,
There was No mountain
or any real horizon

Innocent bewilderment-
what exactly happened?
I found nothing around,
my heart was melting...

Myriad weeks, months,
years via my dreams
Is this then The Truth
slowly Unraveling?

Embracing fragrance
Here, where I began.
No real solid Answer
For there is Nothing!

Residing still, WithIN Now
the choice of this Silence.
How Beautiful? This Melody
O' sweet Divine Mystery.

Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

Photograph Courtesy: Subin Photography

116. The Pilgrimage  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Your Heart is your True Divine
mosque, temple and church
Smiles and tears, this Earthly
Journey- the Soul's pilgrimage
Be Consciously still, To hear
Heavenly Orchestras within.

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

115. Set Us Free  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Walking this path so far,
I see our only real foes
hidden within One and all,
our fears fueling our ego.

To evolve beyond this denial
let us recognize and accept,
resistance of their existence
sets Us free via make Peace.

Love your Self, embracing All
Natural t’s to birth many shades
the dark ego and fears churning
with the Light of Truth within All.

Be still, Breathe effortlessly
Smiling within and letting go—
Dissolving self's fears and ego
via Freedom of naked Light.

How often are we too afraid
to unravel our Innate Beauty.
Dancing within Hearts' fields
unveiling Freedom, O’ Liberty!

Didn't we choose to stagnate
in ancestral zones of comfort?
False coziness of familiar past
obligation creating excuses?
Gently let go the Blame game.

Who can create Intentions
for us to continue growing?
Refinement and evolution
In our Divine core burning,
Realizing the programming

Let us Awaken Now
with Love for Truth.
Beauty sets us Free
from chains of guilt,
old pains and fears.

Come forgive yourself
Unconditionally Here—
Embracing Mother Earth
Cosmic Eternal Rebirth.

Love and Light
Peace and Unity
Universal Oneness
Bowing to Divinity!

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

114. We  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

You and I
Beloved Being
Fish of One Sea
Birds of One Flock
Clouds of One Sky
Souls of One Love
Leaves of One Tree
Beats of One Heart
Drops of One Ocean
Pieces of One Puzzle
Grains of One Desert
Siblings of One Family
Cells of One Organism
Pearls of One Necklace
Beauty of One Divine God
Breathes of One Consciousness.

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

113. Every Encounter  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Every Encounter, Your Cruise
Animate, inanimate- Energy
Human Experience, Embrace
Fight not Lessons unfriendly

Here to learn, Feel, Share
O' Power, Glory and Freedom
Earthly Kingdom, Conscious
Smile, Sing, Dance, Quality

Awakened, choose Peace
Love over fears. Silence!
Enlighten simple steps
Your Chosen Odyssey.

Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

112. Unity in Diversity  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

As much as each Soul yearn for FREEdom, Peace and Love, let us also be Universal enough to ALLOW other Beings to have EQUAL FREEdom, Peace and Love.

If personal CHOICES of practicing certain religious and traditional life styles brings peace and happiness to some of Us, please allow Us to BE.

If personal CHOICES of certain lifestyles without any attachments to religious and traditional rituals brings peace and happiness to Us, please allow Us to BE too.

We can SHARE via expressing our evolving understanding and views of the Journey via our personal Experiences. After expressing, let us also genuinely Listen to others' views through their personal Experiences too, as we smile with Love, shake hands in Peace and continue walking Our own unique Chosen Odysseys.

ALL Souls are EQUALLY channels and instruments of Divine Truth. No single path is the ONLY Path to Light.

When our own finger prints of each hand, INDIVIDUALLY stand out from each other Freely with Beauty, Strongly with Boldness and Softly with Grace, how then can WHOLE Beings be attempted to be squeezed and FIT into limited social molds?

Diversity is a Divine Beautiful Ocean. We can only feel its Breeze when we fully embrace the WHOLE spectrum of ALL the Colors, Music, Aromas and Depths of the WHOLE Rainbow of our Evolving Race with RESPECT.

How boring would this Human Physical Earth Experience be if we looked externally alike and had the same culture and traditions?

Our Diversity make us Unique, our Universal Spiritual common denominator of our True Nature make us One. The Beauty of this Oneness lies in the camouflaged coordination withIN each Being, coming together INside Out, as One Glorious Universal Puzzle, each piece SIGNIFICANTLY affecting one another, as we immerse and soak Consciously in the Divinity of Spiritual Synergism, just as the myriad creatures in the Ocean Meditate, Sing and Dance as One Orchestra saluting with utmost Respect, the Life Force of One Breath.

Let us Truly CO-EXIST together with Peace and Love as we genuinely CARE for one another Dear Siblings of the Celestial Home and the Human Family··٠٠••●●♥♥

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

111. Beloved Weary Sailor  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Every breathe, moment
Of this Human Journey
We either Support
Or blame one another

To support each other
O' Respect the other
Sans Respect, naturally
we blame one another

To respect the other Sailors
We need to Love another
With Love we cannot blame
Each and every other Sailor

Love begins, Empathy
Love your Heart, Sailor

If Love is not Awake
No Life resuscitates
Life is your Love story
Love, The story of Life

If there is no Love
Is there True Life?

Love is Eternal
Love is Immortal
Love is Graceful
Spiritual Unfolding!

Respect and Support
All, the Eternal Growth
We arrived Peacefully
In perfection Meditation

Come Beloved O' weary Sailor
With Grace, Love and Respect
As this Sailor reaches inside out
With Grace, Love and Respect.

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

110. Hidden Scale  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

It is challenging to understand the depths of Spirituality,
It is challenging to develop the discipline of physical fitness,

Most of all, it is challenging to find the Beautiful Balance,
Between the Spiritual realms and Physical components,

For at this fine liberating point of Transcendent Maturity,
Resides the Art IN You, Awaiting Your Heavenly Liberation.

-Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

109 Indivisible Truth  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

We divided by color,
We divided by creed,

We divided by institutions,
When we divided by greed,

We divided by languages,
We divided by education,

Will we divide the Sun, Moon and Stars?
Can we divide Our Divine Source- God?

In Reality, were we Truly ever divided?
We arrived and return to The One.

-Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

108. Spiritual Warriors  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Revolution in Spiritual Evolution
Solutions brewing via Involution
Individual calling by provocation
Question All Laws and Traditions
Ancestors, Cultures and Systems
Breaking chains and all Divisions!

The challenging conflictual paradox
In motion, is not external oppression
Hidden battlefields of the ego within
Recognize darkness with Lightening,
Curiously contemplate and reawaken
Convictions pour anew via decoding

Tearful tranquility, Silent breathing
Our Power, Not Spiritual apoptosis
The Power of Conscious Evolution
Via Heavenly Healing of Meditation
Divine Solutions to all Complications
Not weapons of mass destruction!

Our Heart in glee, expanding beyond
Chained rib-cages, painful oppression
Don’t look back for fictitious salvation
Reincarnate deep Spiritual realizations
Your metamorphosis, full progression
Awakening to Hidden Truth, Liberation!

Dive within your Breathe for Translation
Enlightenment, Heaven, Paradise gardens
Resides not far from every Heart beating
They flow out withIN yOur Celestial Being
Be! The East and West, Female and Male
Arise anew O' fearlessly Spiritual Warriors!

-Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

107. Awaken Sleepwalkers  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Saddened by this mechanical life
Rewinding, replaying nine to five
Blind eyes turned to appreciating
Simple beauty of Life hibernating!

This delusional race should stop
Isn't it about Our Hearts' calling?
Making us feel we are truly Alive
Awaken O' Sleepwalkers to LIFE!

As children everything seemed SO possible
Believed in fairy tales with great aspirations
Grew older and exposed to corrupt systems
Learnt fear, hatred, negativity, impossibility
Taught by robotic fear driven sleepwalkers
Hypnotized not to achieve the "I'm-possible"

IF we choose to unlearn everything
Holding us to stagnating inhibitions
We'd have clarity, a sharper vision
Again the fairy tales seem possible!

Lets go with the Flow
Brush Away negativity
Embracing possibilities
Labeled as Impossible

We have already come this far
Let us take Our diverse race
To deeper many possible levels
That many said WAS Impossible!

-Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

106. Home  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

O' Universal Aquatic Beings
Gently rest your outward gaze
Silently open your deep Heart

Feel the Glory of Eden stirring
Quietly brewing With-In You
Melodies, Aromas and Colors

Reflecting flames inside Out
The Music, Fragrance and Light
From Our Innate Pure Home.

-Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

105. If Only  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

If only they felt the Ventilation
Of the tides within their Core
Awaiting Conscious liberation

If only they knew the Power
Of their inborn Freedom
Residing in their Garden

If only they spiral inwards
To find out without fear
Earth would be Heaven.

Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

104. Tears Of Truth  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

O' Tears of silent serenity,
Thou art my secret elixir,
As we embrace one another,
In Love, Acceptance and Peace,

For the only Earthly Soulmate,
Is each Spirit to each Body,
As we embrace one another,
Can there, then be complaints?

-Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

103. Grow and Glow  

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Of all Earthly "things" that seem so tempting,

What must be consumed at infancy is our Ego,

As the Fire within is blazing towards Divine Light,

Like fireflies and moths burn to One as we ignite.

From Nothingness arises All and Everything,

Yet, how challenging is it to reach nothing?

Relentlessly, we search for answers,

Unaware Truth lies in fearless questions.

O’ Beautiful Spirit, gently learn to let Go,

Caress your Breath, to set yourself Free,

Nurture your Being, then shall you Know,

As we glide through Nature, O’ let us Glow!

Peace, Light and Love,

Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

102. Just Be  

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Meditate BE-ing No-Thing,
O' Divine nectar of Liberty,
Embracing the Flow in Serenity!

The Power to Consciously let Go,
Paths that don't unfold Naturally,
With the Intuitive guide in Harmony,

Here is a tranquil Peaceful Way,
O' Come dance in Spiritual Glee,
Would you simply choose to Be?

-Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

101. To Live or survival?  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

You are truly ALIVE in this journey when you BE-come the human personification of your Heart's passion and dreams.

Your sole mission on Earth was IN-stillled as pure seeds withIN your Beautiful Spirit before Mother Earth channeled you through her womb into this physical plane for the Human Experience.

If you love painting, BE Art in Human form
If you love music, BE Music in human form
if you love writing, BE Poetry in human form
If you love business, BE Creative in Human form
If you love embroidery, BE Intricacy in Human form
If you love medicine, BE Healing in Human form
If you love engineering, BE innovation in Human form

Every single soul has a mission of transforming their passions which manifest as dreams into their OWN tangible reality.

Are you honestly interested to take the full responsibility without excuses, to find out how inexplicably wonder-full it FEELS to BE ALIVE beyond survival?

If you choose greatness, you will be remembered
If you choose mediocrity, you will be forgotten
If you choose survival, you will survive
If you choose Life, you will LIVE.

Peace, Light and Love,

-Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

100. Allow and Be  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Allow Synergism of- Love, Joy, Peace, Optimism, Prayers, Music, Art, Meditation, Positivity, Poetry, Dance, Gratitude, Smiles

BE your reason to Wake up every dawn and Breathe in Serenity through the Depths of your Heart and Horizons of your Spirit

So that antagonisms of- fears, doubts, pessimism, paranoia, negativity, ridicule, hatred, despair
would be too boring for You."

-Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

99. Questions and Answers  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Whatever the Question in any situation, Love through Consciousness is the Answer and solution.

-Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

98. Everyone  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Not everyone born and raised Sufi is a Universal Rumi,
Not everyone born and raised Taoist is a Wise Lao Tzu,
Not everyone born and raised Jewish is a Brave Moses,
Not everyone born and raised Christian is a Gentle Jesus,
Not everyone born and raised Hindu is an Evolved Krishna,
Not everyone born and raised Muslim is a Peaceful Mohammed,
Not everyone born and raised Scientific is an Authentic Einstein,
Not everyone born and raised Buddhist is an Enlightened Buddha,
Not everyone...


Each of US have the Pure innate potential to Transcend into Universal, Wise, Brave, Gentle, Evolved, Peaceful, Authentic and Enlightened Beings as Refined as Our Respected and Admirable- Rumi, Lao Tzu, Moses, Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, Einstein, Buddha and many other role models that walked Our Beloved Mother Earth in the past and today.

WE are ALL Universal Divine Spirits dwelling withIN Musical instruments of Our blessed Physical Bodies.

WE are either Consciously Awakening via LOVE or limited in painful slumber within the programmed prisons of FEARS resisting our OWN refinement and beautiful Growth towards Divine Enlightenment.

Which one are You dear Soul Sibling?

Peace, Light and Love,
-Dr. Dheena Sadik 2011

97. Dare to pursue your Chosen Odyssey?  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

If You REALLY BELIEVE you deserve to discover your Heart's Destiny in this journey, You'd DEFINITELY find pathways to find it with joy without giving any excuses to the World.

The question is- Do YOU REALLY BELIEVE IN YOUR HEART YOU DESERVE to find it without a cell of doubt or fear in your Heart?

Time for us to step out of the futile Blame Game dear Soul siblings and TRUST the Universe and Our Hearts to LOVINGLY aid and nurture Our Chosen Odyssey to unfold INside out~~~

O' Unique Phoenixes, Let us arise anew with unwavering Determination, Courage and LOVE from the controlled, feared and discouraged ashes of our expired selves of yesterday!

We are more powerful Divine Spiritual Beings than giving up easily on our INNATE destinies who's seeds have already been INStilled in our Hearts' Cradle before we arrived upon the planes of Mother Earth, to pursue our Hearts' missions!

Are YOU ready to take the stand for all it's worth and discover the beauty in yOur Chosen Odyssey?

-Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

96. Quench rather than over- feed your thirst  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Ensure you are well hydrated with sufficient water and fluids between your meals. There is evident tendencies to eat in excess as a 'replacement' for your thirst, one of the leading causes of unconsciously gaining weight (exact quantity of water requirement depends on various factors, eg- exercise duration, external temperature, etc).

-Dr. Dheena Sadik
© 2011

95. Do you Love what you see in the mirror?  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Your Physical Body is your musical instrument (take the liberty to call it creatively anything that comforts you- Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Temple, Art Gallery, flute, paint brush, symphony, dance floor, etc) of powerful fluidity through your Human Experience on Earth.

It is your responsibility to care, nurture, cherish, feed and groom this Divine instrument to the best of your abilities with genuine interest and tender Love until your last breath.

You will take full responsibility to be Conscious of everything you feed and quench this body, make peace and let go of stagnating attachments of unhealthy habits, eg- smoking, binge drinking of intoxicants, recreational drugs and/ or anything known to be harmful and/ or addictive. You will keep this vehicle well hydrated with a minimum of 10 glasses of crystal clean water (exact quantity depends on your weight, exercise time, environmental conditions and water content in food) as a fresh exotic island of Life at all times.

You will provide the necessary service of exercising (atleast 5 times/ week) this vehicle with an impeccable discipline via being committed to your mission on Earth to Spiritually evolve inside out via this physical plane as a Human. You will choose not to blame the economy, your job demands, your partner, your parents or your children for this innate responsibility, instead you would ensure you begin this responsibility by finding the time starting THIS week, beginning with a brisk (or normal-paced is you believe you need a gradual start) walk in your neighborhood if you are already not involved in any work out program (P.S- Consult your GP if you are diagnosed of any health conditions which is known to aggravate by physical exertion).

There are NO excuses for not taking care of your BEING when you truly embrace your Physical Experience of tangibility HERE AND NOW.

Do you honestly accept, embrace and Love the gift of your external mirror image which is merely a reflection of your internal Divine garden?

How can you expect to BE Loved or Love anyone outside your own Heart before you choose to learn to Love your own core and every organ housing your Spirit, ie your Divine Body.

I hope you begin TODAY, starting from a shift in your intentions NOW dear Soul Siblings. :)

Peace, Light and Love,
-Dr. Dheena Sadik 2011

94. The Journey  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

The Divine mysterious Source of Love
Rippling throughout our single Humanity
Overflowing abundantly rays of hope and Light
Sprinkling countless fingerprints over tapestries

Myriad footsteps caressing our gracious Mother Earth
Billions of beasts, birds, insects and fish in meditation
How many dawns, monsoons, seasons and full moons
Can we measure the canopies, snowflakes and Oceans

We began as pure carefree curious children
Inevitably diluted through social conditions
The boundaries, rules, status quo layers
Limited our minds, Hearts and immortal Spirits.

Until the Souls awaken thirsty for the Truth
To someday find the beacon that ushers us Home
The flash on Earth was merely a blink of an eyelid
Whilst maturing with pain during Spiritual transition

Dew drop convictions with Conscious reincarnations
Arriving with infinite unimaginable possibilities
Garnished with countless creative pathways
Embrace the Enlightening quenching Awakening.

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

93. Quit the Drama  

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Quit expecting,
Quite over-analyzing,
Quit over-explaining,
Quit over-defining,

Quit over-dissecting,
Quit labeling in your head,
Quit fighting their boundaries,
Quit defending their systems!

Quit waiting...
Quit over-trying,
Quit controlling your growth,
Quit stunting your evolution,


This is YOUR time,
This is YOUR Life,
This is YOUR journey,
These are YOUR moments,

To which you hold the RIGHTS to YOUR innate freedom,

This is YOUR Day,
to which YOU are accountable every second,


Take 100% responsibility for YOUR ride!


In the end all that matters is how genuinely and deeply you recognized God through your very core,
your intuitions and your Heart as it was not about pleasing them dear Soul.

It always was, is and will be between the Divine Source that sent You HERE for this experience.

After all the bruises, tears and challenges BELIEVE that you will make it through....


With God all GREAT things are possible!

~Dr. Dheena Sadik

92. The extra leap via belief  

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"After you find your Heart's calling, you would undoubtedly encounter several unfamiliar and unpleasant hurdles towards fulfilling your passions into your reality. The ego would tempt you to stay within your comfort zones, and fuel you to choose to give up on yourself; Whilst the awakening Spirit can bail you out of your own viscosity as you Believe in yourself via the strength of the Love we feel for God. Choose to focus on progression despite the limiting reigns holding you back from your growth and evolution. The direction and refinement of our journey is purely based on our intentions."

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

91. Awaken to your Higher Self  

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‎"Too often we are afraid to unravel the unpredictable possibilities of our potentials as we stagnate in the comfort zones of our familiar past. Nobody can create the intentions for you to grow, refine and evolve except your Higher Self, which is often in hibernation. Wake up for the Love of God and the evolution of our Universal family."

~Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2010

90. Discover your knots  

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"Challenges, hardships and pain are like diverse knots intricately designed in unique designs. We discover them in various forms the further we evolve and grow along our chosen odyssey. Ignoring them cannot dissolve them for they can only be solved by our core. Smile inside out as you unravel their mysteries with patience and love; for within them lie beautiful knowledge and precious irreplaceable wisdom as they would guide you as we embrace every step with maturity and belief in God, who awakens our intuitions as they pave our path towards serenity and peace."

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2010

89. The Awakening  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Crimson and white
Blood and light,
Body and soul
Beyond space and time;

As minds feed the ego
Blood builds pressure,
The Light aches to shed
Unfold and wither;

The battle unleashes
Within the heart’s field,
We resist reality
Over and over;

Until our Blood matures
And light gracefully expands,
The spirit is bailed
Beyond the physical cage!

~Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2010

88. Arising Phoenix  

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Arise O' Enlightened Phoenix!
With inward spiral lightening,
From yesterday's pale ashes
Rejuvenate every moment;

Fear not various ritual reigns
Of futile attempts to hold you,
Grow, evolve and glow
Towards charismatic refinement;

Little do boundaries fathom
Your conviction to reincarnate,
Anew to Live and Love again
Arise O' Enlightened Phoenix!

—Dr. Dheena Sadik

87. Fire and Ice  

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Over diverse ages
Much has grown,
Earth and her children
Graciously evolve;

Majestic Mammoths
Roamed this Kingdom,
Peacefully handed over
Reigns to our generation;

Fire rose to be hot
Ice chose to be cold,
Water flexibly dances
Rocks simply froze;

As we swirl and glide
Towards mature elegance,
Some of our members
Favor not transformation;

They tighten their fists
And grip their jaws,
Stagnation encroaching
O’ their glow stunting!

They choose to resist
Everything persists,
Fire rose to be hot
Ice chose to be cold.

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2010

86. Immortal Fountains  

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Souls find their core canvass,
When Spirituality overflows;

Fireflies tingle with elated glee,
When Moonlight overflows;

Butterflies find their mates,
When tropical nectar overflows;

Traditional enmity heals scar-free,
When Hearts in unison overflows;

Infant rose buds find their odyssey,
When handsome sunrays overflows;

The Universe contracts to You and I,
When Unconditional Love overflows.

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2010

"The Wheels" | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum New Works-paintings-2007

85. Rainbow Melody  

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O' Divine unique Fireflies
Sprinkled through our Oneness,
Come meditate in the Music
Of desired insatiable Silence,

Feel the latent rainbow Roses
Blossom in the garden of thy Spirit,
Untangle hidden deep melodies
Impatient within your core's stillness.

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2010

“Joyful Awakening” pas 079, 2003 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum

84. The Victory  

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Infinite wild horses
Racing sporadically across deserts,
Ten thousand brave warriors
Audaciously dashing giant fortresses,

Fearless eccentric water currents
Shattering stern rocks into million pieces,
Countless majestic flamingos
Flying in unlimited liberty through mystic clouds,

Carefree untamed coconut palms
Dancing elated by spiritually awakened islanders,
With the cry of the reincarnated full moon
Unravel hidden reigns of smothering boundaries,

Discover gardens of Eden and the exotic oasis
With crystalline waterfalls within your matrix,
Melt away hibernating scarred worries
Wash away the irrational painful guilt,

Dissolve every dimensions of your Being
Evaporate into smooth cosmic spirals inwards,
Condense to stillness at the Spirit’s core
As you glide to reunite with the One.

83. Be Love  

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Love feels
Love gives
Love rains
Love hopes.

Love trusts
Love grows
Love glows
Love is free
Love is truth.

Love is kind
Love is Spirit
Love evolves
Love is peace
Love forgives.

Love breathes
Love is patient
Love is prayer
Love never fails
Love appreciates.

Love is a silent smile
Love is meditation
Love can only BE
Love is You
Love is Me.

82. The Divine Quintessence  

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A sacred sanctuary submerged in an unraveled exotic rain forest,
Alpine summits over-flowing with the wild animal kingdom,
Birds singing in joyous celebration for the birth of new generations,
Serene Nights studded by royal charismatic stars,
The graceful wise Moon graciously pouring down her silver white Light,
Wrapped within the cozy blanket of the expanding galaxies in harmony,
Pleasantly surprised by the music of the mischievous Sun-tanned Ocean in delight,
Tingled by pure youthful winds teasing dancing daffodils,
Caressed by the soft touch of angelic tenderness,
Chaperoned by snowflake smiles garnishing mysterious caves of silence,
This distilled Paradise lies not too far away dear O’ Soul,
The divine quintessence resides within the citadels of the chambers of your Heart,
Earnestly anticipating liberation to dissolve and evaporate through your Spirit.
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•
. . * + * * . + * .*.
. * + * .

81. How now is NOW?  

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How often do we hear the trendy cliché "Live in the Now"? As much as I agree with its significance, let us consider the foundation and ramifications upon which Now exists-

NOW is the legendary bond linking two uncontrollable Universal Paradigms- our past and future. Not only is this momentous bridge embedded deeper and wider between yesterday and tomorrow but also connects us literally, biologically, spiritually and through many other realms to all of existence within our expanding Universe. The reason NOW is crucial can be explained conveniently via the Butterfly effect which states that the movement of a butterfly here and now may have severe repercussions on wind strength and eventually throughout the weather system of the globe, potentially strong enough to cause tornadoes halfway around the world.

Our entire being, from the innate non-physical to the pain-pleasure tangible continuum of the physical segment, undoubtedly surpasses time and space. Nonetheless, our common epoch here is to dive through the physical human experience channel via this transit lounge at the cushion and tender alms of our dear Mother Earth. Every intention transformed into silence, words and actions have their own consequential butterfly effects. These create their own unique velocities and momentum individually and eventually amalgamate to affect the evolution of our Universe towards higher dimensions. This in turn is an effect proceeded by cascades of events from our ancestors of the intangible mysterious past.

Hence, every entity, be it animate and inanimate are intricately inter-connected to one another beyond what is blatantly conspicuous. When we simplify our diverse variables by the common denominator of our Oneness, we are blessed with the galactic beauty of a garden of cosmic atoms and an ocean of aquatic cells holding hands and hearts with Unconditional Love.