112. Unity in Diversity  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

As much as each Soul yearn for FREEdom, Peace and Love, let us also be Universal enough to ALLOW other Beings to have EQUAL FREEdom, Peace and Love.

If personal CHOICES of practicing certain religious and traditional life styles brings peace and happiness to some of Us, please allow Us to BE.

If personal CHOICES of certain lifestyles without any attachments to religious and traditional rituals brings peace and happiness to Us, please allow Us to BE too.

We can SHARE via expressing our evolving understanding and views of the Journey via our personal Experiences. After expressing, let us also genuinely Listen to others' views through their personal Experiences too, as we smile with Love, shake hands in Peace and continue walking Our own unique Chosen Odysseys.

ALL Souls are EQUALLY channels and instruments of Divine Truth. No single path is the ONLY Path to Light.

When our own finger prints of each hand, INDIVIDUALLY stand out from each other Freely with Beauty, Strongly with Boldness and Softly with Grace, how then can WHOLE Beings be attempted to be squeezed and FIT into limited social molds?

Diversity is a Divine Beautiful Ocean. We can only feel its Breeze when we fully embrace the WHOLE spectrum of ALL the Colors, Music, Aromas and Depths of the WHOLE Rainbow of our Evolving Race with RESPECT.

How boring would this Human Physical Earth Experience be if we looked externally alike and had the same culture and traditions?

Our Diversity make us Unique, our Universal Spiritual common denominator of our True Nature make us One. The Beauty of this Oneness lies in the camouflaged coordination withIN each Being, coming together INside Out, as One Glorious Universal Puzzle, each piece SIGNIFICANTLY affecting one another, as we immerse and soak Consciously in the Divinity of Spiritual Synergism, just as the myriad creatures in the Ocean Meditate, Sing and Dance as One Orchestra saluting with utmost Respect, the Life Force of One Breath.

Let us Truly CO-EXIST together with Peace and Love as we genuinely CARE for one another Dear Siblings of the Celestial Home and the Human Family··٠٠••●●♥♥

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

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This is how people should think about each other and themselves - empathy, understanding, and allowing for pluralism, mixing, etc.

Unfortunately, we (most people) only listen to the opposite - absolutism, dogmatism, militancy.

But I'm listening!

Great, Dr. Dheena.

June 27, 2011 at 11:17 PM

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