115. Set Us Free  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Walking this path so far,
I see our only real foes
hidden within One and all,
our fears fueling our ego.

To evolve beyond this denial
let us recognize and accept,
resistance of their existence
sets Us free via make Peace.

Love your Self, embracing All
Natural t’s to birth many shades
the dark ego and fears churning
with the Light of Truth within All.

Be still, Breathe effortlessly
Smiling within and letting go—
Dissolving self's fears and ego
via Freedom of naked Light.

How often are we too afraid
to unravel our Innate Beauty.
Dancing within Hearts' fields
unveiling Freedom, O’ Liberty!

Didn't we choose to stagnate
in ancestral zones of comfort?
False coziness of familiar past
obligation creating excuses?
Gently let go the Blame game.

Who can create Intentions
for us to continue growing?
Refinement and evolution
In our Divine core burning,
Realizing the programming

Let us Awaken Now
with Love for Truth.
Beauty sets us Free
from chains of guilt,
old pains and fears.

Come forgive yourself
Unconditionally Here—
Embracing Mother Earth
Cosmic Eternal Rebirth.

Love and Light
Peace and Unity
Universal Oneness
Bowing to Divinity!

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

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