117. The Answer  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

I kept searching for years
lonely, weary, exhausted;
All the energy depleted
yonder, through and over.

Until I finally arrived
amidst a thick jungle,
at the peak of another
long yearned mountain.

I gazed at the Horizon's
inexplicable canopies
I saw the Glory, the Beauty
until soft tears clouded me.

I slept and wept long
didn’t resist weakness,
until I stabilized slowly
Awakened Here gently.

I softly opened my eyes
on the same mountain,
There was No mountain
or any real horizon

Innocent bewilderment-
what exactly happened?
I found nothing around,
my heart was melting...

Myriad weeks, months,
years via my dreams
Is this then The Truth
slowly Unraveling?

Embracing fragrance
Here, where I began.
No real solid Answer
For there is Nothing!

Residing still, WithIN Now
the choice of this Silence.
How Beautiful? This Melody
O' sweet Divine Mystery.

Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

Photograph Courtesy: Subin Photography

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