84. The Victory  

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Infinite wild horses
Racing sporadically across deserts,
Ten thousand brave warriors
Audaciously dashing giant fortresses,

Fearless eccentric water currents
Shattering stern rocks into million pieces,
Countless majestic flamingos
Flying in unlimited liberty through mystic clouds,

Carefree untamed coconut palms
Dancing elated by spiritually awakened islanders,
With the cry of the reincarnated full moon
Unravel hidden reigns of smothering boundaries,

Discover gardens of Eden and the exotic oasis
With crystalline waterfalls within your matrix,
Melt away hibernating scarred worries
Wash away the irrational painful guilt,

Dissolve every dimensions of your Being
Evaporate into smooth cosmic spirals inwards,
Condense to stillness at the Spirit’s core
As you glide to reunite with the One.

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