94. The Journey  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

The Divine mysterious Source of Love
Rippling throughout our single Humanity
Overflowing abundantly rays of hope and Light
Sprinkling countless fingerprints over tapestries

Myriad footsteps caressing our gracious Mother Earth
Billions of beasts, birds, insects and fish in meditation
How many dawns, monsoons, seasons and full moons
Can we measure the canopies, snowflakes and Oceans

We began as pure carefree curious children
Inevitably diluted through social conditions
The boundaries, rules, status quo layers
Limited our minds, Hearts and immortal Spirits.

Until the Souls awaken thirsty for the Truth
To someday find the beacon that ushers us Home
The flash on Earth was merely a blink of an eyelid
Whilst maturing with pain during Spiritual transition

Dew drop convictions with Conscious reincarnations
Arriving with infinite unimaginable possibilities
Garnished with countless creative pathways
Embrace the Enlightening quenching Awakening.

—Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

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