95. Do you Love what you see in the mirror?  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Your Physical Body is your musical instrument (take the liberty to call it creatively anything that comforts you- Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Temple, Art Gallery, flute, paint brush, symphony, dance floor, etc) of powerful fluidity through your Human Experience on Earth.

It is your responsibility to care, nurture, cherish, feed and groom this Divine instrument to the best of your abilities with genuine interest and tender Love until your last breath.

You will take full responsibility to be Conscious of everything you feed and quench this body, make peace and let go of stagnating attachments of unhealthy habits, eg- smoking, binge drinking of intoxicants, recreational drugs and/ or anything known to be harmful and/ or addictive. You will keep this vehicle well hydrated with a minimum of 10 glasses of crystal clean water (exact quantity depends on your weight, exercise time, environmental conditions and water content in food) as a fresh exotic island of Life at all times.

You will provide the necessary service of exercising (atleast 5 times/ week) this vehicle with an impeccable discipline via being committed to your mission on Earth to Spiritually evolve inside out via this physical plane as a Human. You will choose not to blame the economy, your job demands, your partner, your parents or your children for this innate responsibility, instead you would ensure you begin this responsibility by finding the time starting THIS week, beginning with a brisk (or normal-paced is you believe you need a gradual start) walk in your neighborhood if you are already not involved in any work out program (P.S- Consult your GP if you are diagnosed of any health conditions which is known to aggravate by physical exertion).

There are NO excuses for not taking care of your BEING when you truly embrace your Physical Experience of tangibility HERE AND NOW.

Do you honestly accept, embrace and Love the gift of your external mirror image which is merely a reflection of your internal Divine garden?

How can you expect to BE Loved or Love anyone outside your own Heart before you choose to learn to Love your own core and every organ housing your Spirit, ie your Divine Body.

I hope you begin TODAY, starting from a shift in your intentions NOW dear Soul Siblings. :)

Peace, Light and Love,
-Dr. Dheena Sadik 2011

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