97. Dare to pursue your Chosen Odyssey?  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

If You REALLY BELIEVE you deserve to discover your Heart's Destiny in this journey, You'd DEFINITELY find pathways to find it with joy without giving any excuses to the World.

The question is- Do YOU REALLY BELIEVE IN YOUR HEART YOU DESERVE to find it without a cell of doubt or fear in your Heart?

Time for us to step out of the futile Blame Game dear Soul siblings and TRUST the Universe and Our Hearts to LOVINGLY aid and nurture Our Chosen Odyssey to unfold INside out~~~

O' Unique Phoenixes, Let us arise anew with unwavering Determination, Courage and LOVE from the controlled, feared and discouraged ashes of our expired selves of yesterday!

We are more powerful Divine Spiritual Beings than giving up easily on our INNATE destinies who's seeds have already been INStilled in our Hearts' Cradle before we arrived upon the planes of Mother Earth, to pursue our Hearts' missions!

Are YOU ready to take the stand for all it's worth and discover the beauty in yOur Chosen Odyssey?

-Dr. Dheena Sadik © 2011

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