121. The Return  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik

Intellectual velocities, every unique momentum
accelerating faster than all previous generations
Can experiences really be limited to definitions?
Every ancestral story understood and recorded
millenniums, centuries, myriad decades expiring.
Embrace the evolution of our species O’ Siblings
within every realm Here, Now’s the celebration!

Independent of modern progressive refinement
our carnal individual Human needs and Instincts
digestion, procreation, pleasure and protection
orchestrating with the Universal Animal Kingdom
the Matrix- we breathe, connect and function
has always been the Stream of Consciousness
began All Life Force unknown yesteryear ago
ushering you and I gently Here, this moment.

Let go resisting our unprotected vulnerability
we arrived purely naked, whole and Innocent
trained to conceal our Core into many layers
tangible and intangible guilt, lies, many fears
wrapped our souls into hypnotized mummies
do you honestly recognize what you see within
mirrors reflecting through every dawn's Being.

Arise to consciously dissect yourself gently
penetrating all layers of numb sleepwalking
dissolving opaque cataract hallucinations
Awakening the fearful infant residing within
senile bewildered children asleep in millions
born alive and surviving, not yet Conscious!

We were already scanned by synthetic rays
before we experienced Mother Earth’s rains
process began in amniotic fetal programming
into lower suppressive realms and dimensions
to be enslaved into unfulfillable brainwashing
indeed by countless senile infants in survival.

It doesn’t matter how afraid we were yesterday
what counts is, how far would you unravel today
to uncover the lies by the global collective ego?
Hear, hypnotic spells can be potentially broken
by our One Breathing collective Consciousness
O' sons and daughters of Divinity awakening
let us come together as One sans every division.

Dr. Dheena Sadik

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