Discovering Your Passion  

Posted by Dr. Dheena Sadik


I spent several years interviewing and studying individuals from over thirty countries regarding contentment, inner peace and happiness. They varied from illiterate tribes, patients from different walks of life, intellectual professors to diverse families and friends. Regardless which category they represented, the most content were those living with a sense of purpose driven by their passions. So what exactly does passion mean?

Our passion is that which makes us come alive. Our Heart’s calling which makes us awaken everyday with enthusiasm making Life worth living. It can be anything you love doing and doesn’t necessarily have to be the most popular or noble career in town. Your passion can be music, healing, gardening, embroidery, architecture, photography, poetry, business, art or cookery. Any passion can be transformed into a career when taken seriously enough.  Become the Beethoven, Leonardo or Picasso of whatever you love and enjoy doing.

The Sufi Poet Rumi said- “Everyone has been made for a purpose and that purpose has been instilled in their Heart.” So what is instilled in your Heart?  

You are probably wondering how you could discover your passion. Here are a few possibilities-

1. Via an epiphany- One Life changing experience may create a sudden and intense awareness of your passion. This may occur on a regular day while reading a book, watching a movie, on your way to school or work. It is an instant wake up call inviting you to realize what you are here to do. 

2. Via change- This may either be minor or major Life changing events . Eg- Accepting or losing a job, the beginning or end of relationships, relocating your geography, illness or recovery, birth or death of a family member , etc. These events enable you to discover sides of yourself that you didn’t know existed.

  3. Via Intuition- Our passions are a product of our intuition, our Inner guide. Some individuals are more aligned with their intuition at an early age and hence realize their passions sooner. Indeed this is significantly influenced by our environments. For eg- If a child was born to a family of artists or musicians, he or she is more likely to be inspired to unravel their creativity at an early age. On the other hand, if the child is more logical by nature they would be steered to explore more left-brain fields despite the environment pressures. This also applied vice versa, where one maybe born to a more logical environment while in reality their passions are towards creative expressions. 

4. Via Experience- Most of us discover our passions gradually via experience on a day to day basis as we get glimpses guided by our intuition. These would be moments when we come alive as we encounter our passion. 

 "Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” ~ Einstein

We can only manifest our passions into greatness after we take the responsibility to respect our dreams without the fear of failure or opposition

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