47. Is Relativity the Root?  

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In reality what is the size of a rose? Is it as gigantic it was to a bee on its petal as it blossomed, as small as you saw it across the street or simply the size when its enclosed in your palm? No two individuals perceive anything 100% alike. Our intuitions are based on our individual experiences as we mature everyday. Five is less than nine, but will always be greater than two. At times we compare scenarios and dilemmas in order to fuel us with resolutions. But is this always healthy? How much does relativity damage the freedom of exploring our originality?

Relativity of Generations- How fair is it to compare the economy, entertainment, comfort levels and convention of generations that span a good old three decades? There is no harm discussing the progress or decline of our planet; But isn't it fruitless to keep living in non-existent generation? Well, believe me such individuals DO exist! They live every single day disappointed with change, relative to their childhood. Like the seasons, change is inevitable. Its only a futile quest to try and keep the atmosphere as it was in 1979. How absurd is it for seniors to expect children to desire similar standards of living as they did decades ago? Its a very common and unfortunate scenario in my vicinity. Its nothing to do with religion and everything to do with holding onto traditions that are unquestionably decaying.

Relativity of Societal Classes- The thirst for power is undoubtedly insatiable. The Middle class are struggling to leap to the Upper class while the Poverty-stricken are dreaming of escalating to the Middle class. In life we consider 'better' a zone that is either higher or more comfortable to where we sit right now, although this maybe less agreeable to someone at a more contented level. There are some with an insatiable appetite to get richer, look better, obsessed with popularity and fame; This isn't a crime. No. In fact, self- evolution is the key to a more refined society. However, should there be an unconscious scale in our minds comparing ourselves to other individuals? As for other side of this tale, have you ever met anyone who is simply pleased with exactly who and what he/she is at any given point in time? You can try convincing them how much more potential they got reserved, and they would tell you they are simply grateful not to be living in the slums or starving in Africa!

Relativity of Religion- Makes You sigh doesn't it? Throughout the ages, there is little doubt how religion itself has been a major cause in emanating clashes within and amongst various societies. As much as our cyberspace era is accelerating networking, paradoxically the subject of adversity among religions would sadly last till Doom's Day. Apart from Inter-religion relativity how about Intra-religion Clashes? Its simply amazing how individuals have such strong clasps of estimation on levels of Faith. To the monotheists- Isn't it for the Almighty Himself to judge what lies in our hearts?

These are only a few of the major avenues in this pragmatic issue. Every single aspect of your life can be scaled to another Sensibly how worthy are all these measurements? To what degree is this inevitable analogy ruining the indulgence of our lives? Is it remotely possible for You to draw any conclusion without this element of comparison?

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WOW! Great piece of writing! You are a very articulate intellectual! Let me add some comments to this already great piece:

1. I agree with you when you speak about the way that parents try to force the "traditional" lifestyle onto their children. Unfortunately, there are some parents who would rather cripple their own child rather than set them free and let them be the best possible individual they can be!

2. In the past, I wished for the "better" life that allegedly could be found by chasing the Almighty Dollar. Luckily I realized that money does not make or break you and am now happy with who I am and what I do as every second passes.

3. Finally, I love how you articulate the issue with religion in our society. I can believe and respect the religion's of the world (which were not created or re-imaged by man); what I cannot respect is the churches (created by man) who use hatred, prejudice, and other negative tactics to overpower other individuals.


July 1, 2009 at 12:00 AM

Hello Dina,

In answer to your question. Yes. All my life I was told how different I was, which made me feel unappreciated even by myself.
It was not until I reached the seasoned & ripe age of 40 that "different" meant something deeper. I sensed that "different thing" about me rising up from way down deep to take her place. Traveling internally left my heart's door ajar to be grateful. Grateful to now feel, touch, see, and taste the delicious and flavorful delights that is my life. And so I continue to walk gently on the earth being present w/myself every step of the way. Lovin' & diggin' the skin I reside in. Give thanks Sis.

July 1, 2009 at 3:20 AM

Joey- Thank You for your kind words of appreciation. In response-

1-Indeed. Couldn't say it better! The sad reality is there are some that try to live their dream via children. Egs-

a) Choosing their career- Its absolutely NOT fair to take the authority to govern such a significant entity in anyone's life. Your career is probably the ONLY thing that will last for as long as You shall live, as you travel through various phases of your life. We are all given one life of our own. Its the RIGHT of the child to be his own CEO with major decisions of his life.

b) Choosing a spouse- This is unbelievably existence to this day in the East. There is a limit up to which parents can "guide" their children when it comes to what and who they believe would be "ideally" compatible. After all at the day of the day its their life and their own garden to cultivate.

2-As for the Dollar. As much as people can preach money isn't the essence of Life, You and I both know, comfort is essential. The question then arises- to what extend. As mentioned in the post- this tends to be a topic of relativity. However, at the end of the day its the level of contentment we can find.

3-Religion in society- This is anything but what it truly is authentically. Its amazing how some "preachers" can use it as an "excuse" to prove themselves against one another. This has sadly led to a state where some individuals are SO confused with the infinite differences in opinion that they would rather stay out of it all! Can we blame them? I believe, all of us have the ability and potential to find out for ourselves what we believe. After all, God is ONE and just to us all ALIKE. Why feel insecure to exploit His message ourselves with the gifts He has bestowed upon us all.

July 2, 2009 at 9:37 PM

I once imagined my children doing this or that, because I was not able to do it. Luckily, I realized that the one thing I want from my children is that they become their own person and have individuality. So I am glad to say that I do not, and will not, make decisions for my children; I will just make sure they know all perspectives and choose which path they wish to go in.
Of course we need money to live in this world, but there are so many individuals who are chasing the $$ and destroying themselves and their families in the process. So as you said, "to what extent?" Hopefully to an extent that is healthy for them and their family..
"God is ONE and just to us all ALIKE." Great quote.. would hope everyone could understand that!

July 3, 2009 at 7:35 AM

Sorry for the late reply. Need the right environment for my best response! My Reaction on being 'different'-

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."~Albert Einstein

We are born with at least one talent. Its in our self- interest to explore these gifts by God. Very many people aimlessly follow the single season of convention. They Live and leave Us without any profound impact. Its those few who truly desire to stand out and make a fruitful difference in this world that would be iconic and remembered long after they are gone. God gave us brains and feet to decide where we want to take our souls... Its our choice how phenomenal we want our lives to be.

I agree and admire the fact you are grateful for our senses.Its amazing at times how we tend to take these inexplicable blessings for granted.

May God Bless and guide Us all to the reality of his Greatness.

July 3, 2009 at 1:26 PM

Kudos on realizing this SO early. You encourage originality in your child and that is the VERY best gift you inculcate in them.

July 4, 2009 at 8:15 PM

In my day to day life in this job, I have a set of people who i guide and get work done, It amazes me how they perceive or absorb a situation.
Sometimes it is difficult to make the understand the way I want them to understand, sometimes I try in humour way,or emotional or autocratic style but I hant come to a conclusion being with this background of people for last 3 yrs. May be I day I would know.
About what u said five is less than nine but greater than two relates to th wat how they absorb a situation.

July 31, 2009 at 5:26 PM

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