05. An Analytic Observation  

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I recollect the following memory with a comforting smile of achievement. Quite often the most serene, exciting and extraordinary moments encounter us via spontaneous impulses.

It was New year’s Eve. My friends and I were enthusiastic on a sudden invitation for dinner on a boat. We were anticipating the mid-night mid-sea chill, an experience most of us hadn’t met within our double decade life spans.

As we entered the port, a breeze of déjà vu tingled across my mind with a boat ride in Dubai, the previous year. I stood at the port’s edge and contemplated the water encircling us. Alas! The zenith of my momentary déjà vu tumbled. Instead of a crystal clear aquatic view I saw haunting black waves printed with floating green algae. Within ten minutes we were aboard and sailing. The salty cold sea breeze that prickled our faces and hair was breathtaking. The stereophonic music system was roaring louder than the hyperactive New Year waves. Lights were occasionally blinking from distant lighthouses. We stood at the edge of the boat and glanced across the aquatic view; silently hoping no unexpected storm should end our juvenile stories.

The water’s unpleasant odor was a vexation we couldn’t ignore. As the wind blew to and fro she brought the putrid essence. Disposal of oils from industries and sewage dumps caused the discoloration. Occasionally, we saw empty cans and bottles floating, undoubtedly littered by previous careless visitors. The overall ambient atmosphere of the vicinity was unfortunately unhealthy and unpleasant, both air and water pollution encircling every drop around us.

It was 10:30 pm. We were hypoglycemic after entertaining each other with memorable childhood stories. It was indeed a unique fusion of encounters and experiences flowing from Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Palestine and Bangladesh. The chefs aboard made every possible effort to grill an appetizing cuisine, from barbecued prawns to freshly caught crabs. Our taste buds were tranquilized after months of harsh treatment by the unpalatable dorm food. Finally it was time for the long awaited countdown. 2007! A moment of mixed feelings. How often are we sprinkled with a New Year ornamented with a sea breeze? Within hours we sailed back to the port.

The following weeks I had flashbacks of that night; the most peculiar thought was the polluted water flooding my mind. It was absolutely inexcusable to allow the Port’s hygiene to reach such a pathetic state. There should be sound legislation by the local municipal Council to maintain a higher pristine level. Visitors should sign a petition agreeing not to litter during the boat ride. As medical students, we enlightened the responsible authorities of the bitter reality of this port, once a tidy admirable merger of nature and recreation.

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Good Morning Dina,
Thank you for the invitation to read your writings. Your passion for writing and describing your trip was inviting letting me feel as if I was there with you and your friends. At a very young age I feel in love with the beauty of the sea and U.S. Eastern seaboard ports. I tugs at my heart with the current water pollution situation and decline of sea life. Today, the situation at hand is much worst wondering if the damages can ever be reversed. Recently, a friend sent me a clip of Oprah's Show where she exposed a trash island off the coast of California that circulates trash through the oceans main Gulf Stream Conveyor Belt sending trash around the globe polluting our ocean's ecosystem and killing sea life. Then we have commercial Cruise Line companies that dump their waste at sea. It's to say the least heartbreaking and irresponsible as we are stewards of this earth.

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May 12, 2009 at 3:52 PM

Thank You for the feedback! Its amazing to see individuals who worry for profit-free interruptions.

May 13, 2009 at 10:16 AM

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