67. How much is the right dose?  

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" Patience, patiENCE, PATIENCE!!! "

Too often we hear the significance of patience, but rarely told the right dose of its quantity and quality. If there isn't a limit, does one remain patient till death do them part? Does it mean to remain silent at times when's opinion in 100% worthy and valid in an argument where their wisdom can't be comprehended?

Its sad how FAR some individuals can remain submissive indefinitely, hoping for change via patience. If he/ she constantly makes excuses for those who miss/ ill- treat them, this cascade is a camouflaged form of insidious suicide; and too often they realize not.

If a child was deprived of a basic education by his/ her parents how much patience can be expected? Should that child be patient till adulthood until its a tad awkward to dream of things a child or regular teenager would experience? So WHAT should such a bewildered child do assuming there was no national service to help? There are too many teenagers deprived of a tertiary education for various traditional reasons too.

How about womenfolk's freedom? Its flabbergasting how much male dominance prevails in our era. Sons are given multiple folds of freedom relative to sisters of the same age. How MUCH patience can/ should she synthesize until she gets married to another member of the similar mentality and society? So after being patient unlimited in her childhood, she now enters motherhood where she needs to manufacture an inexhaustible supply of this convenient excuse, abuse and oppression others label as patience? Some women, are patient ALL their life all the way to senility. Is this the sole purpose God blessed us with a phenomenal brain? To initiate nothing except a mute presence?

So is there an optimal dose to patience? What's next? Beyond? Any over-dose, even water causes toxicity to our system. So does that rule apply here as well? If you would dissect patience further, what does psychology, psychiatry, the law of attraction, philosophy, religion have got to say about its boundaries, depth and spectra?

True enough, there are times in life when one intellectually and sensibly needs to hold on for a suitable time or precise space via logic and reasoning. Reaping the harvest of certain seasons can only be attained at its specific time ( unless cultivated in a glass house of course, which isn't yet available on a global scale) . You can't expect an infant to run before crawling and walking obviously. However, how much is the limit? As much as God blesses the patient heart, I also believe He blessed us ALL with tools within our hearts, brains, minds and souls to help lift ourselves up when and where ever we fall. If you have been patient far too long, then it''s time to allow your courage to be your fuel to project you beyond that cliff of reasonable tolerance, the engine of our minds, to propel you forward to refine yourself rather than accommodating stagnation.

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Yes!!! I love what you have written. So true.

October 1, 2009 at 5:57 PM

Patience has become so cliched. You have exposed the ground reality. Well done!I advocate it 100% of what you have written!

July 6, 2011 at 9:19 PM

My Lady,
OK, you and i have been through enough to open our eyes, if we needed it:
Patience: from Latin patientia, = ‘suffering’, the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Any amount of that is too long, imo. We've been handed a crock of doodoo, fine; it's a challenge to erase and awaken to joyful calm. Are we ready for that? Do you have a child? Clearly there is such a thing as enough; we agree patience displaces courage and betrays heart, correct?
"CALM" is another matter. It is also known by its opposite, agitation... we must not incapacitate ourselves.
Allow my courage??? I AM my courage.
Thank you for being my Muse Dheena.

November 17, 2011 at 12:02 AM

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